w h a t  I'm  a l l  a b o u t

I’m Karolina. I capture moments of a lifetime in an honest, natural way.

I love spending time out in nature which inspires me the most, between whiles the rush of a big city where I live every day. I’m addicted to travel and explore new places with my beloved Man, who is a great motivation and support to me in my work. My life philosophy consists of a respect to nature, animals and living the life with passion. I prefer listening to talking, that’s why I think, I can observe and notice more. More details, little things, real connection, small gestures and all the in-betweens. I create pictures inspired by raw human emotion. From my soul and through my eyes.

Just perfectly imperfect. Real.

m o r e  t h a n  a  j o b

I've figured out that what really makes me happy and super excited is travelling the world and capturing moments & authentic connections between two people that are SO in love. I love catching the in-betweens and create natural images that truly reflect my couples.

It's very important to me to get each other and connect really well so I would love to meet you or have a chat before your wedding day. The better I get to know you, the better I can photograph you! So...

the only thing you should do now is to

B O O K  A  P H O T O  S H O O T