'A conglomerations of lost thoughts and stars, lullabies, long dark nights, full moons and midnight swims,
tangled hair and happy grins, a collection of pretties and silly things, eagle feathers and turquoise rings,
sappy thoughts and soggy quotes, satellite chasing and scribbled notes.
Living wild and living free, is the only living I will ever be.'
way in love

Instagram connects people around the world. I really appreciate the fact that nowadays we can meet so nice, creative hearts through this community. Sometimes they live right in your backyard, sometimes halfway across the world.
Meet Marcie and Shawn. Unique, artistic souls from California. Talented photographers, song writer, stylist, jewellery designers (I love wearing your rings. They remind me about our magical time together in Sutro Baths every time I have a look at them ♡).
A Mermaid, moon child, earth spirit, a mystic, a hippie chick. Let me introduce them in their own words:

'Sandwiched in between the sea side and the redwood forest is where we dwell in a little tiny cabin lit with bulb lights and candles. We're just a small coastal drive away from the buzzing city sounds of San Francisco. Salty air laden days and starry sky filled nights is what we call home. Friends since age 5, loves since 12, and now husband and wife.
We are collectors of light and pretty things, a conglomeration of lost thoughts, dreams and stars, endless seas and  lullabies, fireflies and memories. Our weekends consist of camping out of our 1974 WV bus, Her name is Jade, sipping cocoa by the camp fire and writing music about the stars.'

I fell in love with your AUTHENTICITY. So grateful to have an opportunity to meet you guys. ☽

You should definitely check their page:
↠ ↠  way in love  ↞ ↞

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